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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have a bowl of mini chocolate eggs on my desk !

Oh dear me ! My boss has put a bowl of mini chocolate eggs on my reception desk at work - that is not good. This will give me a test of my willpower. I went off to the gym last night like a good girl, I always feel a million dollars when I walk in, purely that I am doing it - exercising when I have little or no sleep and am exhausted. I get depressed every now and again and am in anti-depressants, I have seen a distinct link in my mental health levels and exercise, when I exercise I note that mentally I am better and am now a bit passionate about people that are depressed as hard as it is to get out and exercise. This morning before I started work (I work for a law firm as a PA) I have my morning skim latte - like is to damn short for bad coffee and as all the morning papers had disappeared I started to read Fitness First (a chain of gym's in Australia) monthly magazine. It has some interesting articles and some ideas for me about what to eat before the gym (I will report on this below) and an article about a girl who had bad mental illness, tried to committ suicide and was homeless for a part, she managed to get herself organised through a women's shelter and one thing and another lead to her working full time at the shelter. Eventually she starts at the gym with a personal trainer, she loses 35 kilos and her mental health is non existent. Certainly I could understand it. One of the things that I need to work on is eating between meals, I know that I leave too much of a gap and especially in the afternoon need a snack at around 4.30pm - 5pm before the gym, I am never hungry really so thought perhaps a good quality protein drink might help me. I obviously am needing something as I do get tired a bit at the gym and think my body does not have enough fuel. I will certainly be trying to read up on this. Obviously a banana is a good choice, damn shame I am allergic to them. Tonight is my hair appointment (thank god). I am a fussy girl - the hair and makeup and clothes need to be just right, I think because at present I am larger (but not for long) that I need to make that extra effort plus I am single so you never know when that man on the white horse may come charging up the lifts to my desk at work ! This weekend is horrendously busy...........sigh ! Tomorrow night is my weigh in, fingers crossed but at lunch I left my salad at home and went to the food court and had a bad choice, my rings are tight so I need to guzzle water down between now and my weigh in. Saturday is an election day in South Australia, I have been asked to work at a polling booth so that is good money and pays for my table to be re-sanded and cut down to size. Sunday was going to be my day of rest but alas my favourite girl Tania is down at my side of town so we are meeting for a coffee and chat, she has decided to leave Weight Watchers at present due to her tremendously busy life -so we have a lot to catch up on. So seeing her and then Joey (I have 4 close friends called Jo -plus my mother is Josephine and another Jo ) who has got a new kitten "Archie" so must go and see him as she (Jo that is) fusses over my Vincenzo the wonderdog. I am counting down till Easter - 4 days off and as most people I know go away I am hoping for a bit of down time, going to the gym, watching some TV and reading some books. Sounds bliss. Must dash - hope everyone is having a good day. Love Martine xx


Chris H said...

I hope you manage to resist the chocolate eggs!

Tania said...

I'll be checking in on you with those easter eggs - you CAN resist them!

I will ring you on Sunday morning mate, honestly if you want some down time I understand completely and we'll catch up soon, I just thought i'd check if you were free because we were going to be in the area, i'd hate for you to not get your rest especially after doing such a long day at the polling booth tomorrow.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Be sneaky and change out those eggs. With baby carrots or something. :)

Anonymous said...

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