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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feeling a lot better

Since my dinner with the WW girls last night I am feeling somewhat better. My back has much improved and my foot is not too bad so back to the gym tomorrow night, Yay I have missed it.

I am doing housework and cooking today, doing the dishes and I have accidently washed my relatively new WW points calculator, so that isn't good. Vince the wonderdog is a sleep and I am sitting down to put in my tracker my food for the day and work out a rough menu for this week.

Just being with some great powerful women last night helped, a few of them were struggling themselves so it was a great benefit, others (Kazz I am talking about you) are really in the groove and doing well, I got the benefit of her wisdom and was told "We are not defined by the scales". I do know my meaurements have gone down, it all has to catch up at some point.
Day 2 today, I have printed off my food menus for Di my leader to view, I won't lose that 2.2 kgs I gained but onwards and upwards. Giving up is not on the agenda.
Mum and Dad arrive on the weekend so that is going to be nice, hopefully my beautiful Dad will paint the lounge room. Watched the first half of biggest loser, just sobbed. I always do.
So who will win the finale - my hopes are on Shannon, Joe or Lisa. I would love Lisa to win becuase she is female but my heart is with Shannon, for a person on day 1 that couldn't walk hardly at all, it is an acomplishment that he is so happy. Although Biggest Loser is in a controlled environment we can still learn that with effort our exercise can increase, how mentally we are happy and stronger with the weight off.
One day at a time, that is all I can do. Must go and do that bloody ironing, it is not going to do itself. Martine xxx

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