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Monday, April 19, 2010

Doing well

Above is a photo taken on Saturday night with the WW girls, all of which basically have meet online. Front row: Me, Dee (Dazeydee), Tina Back row: Sharon, Tania, Jo and Kazz
The weekend was good, eating spot on and got on the scales this morning and dropped 1.6 kgs, so here is hoping the rest of the week continues the same way, although I weight at night, the weighing at home gives me an indication of how I am going. I am not going to the gym tonight, I want to make sure my back is okay, it still feels tight and I think I don't want to risk hurting it. Hopefully tomorrow after physio I get the all clear. Have a sense of clarity today, got into work and got an email from 2 darling friends, one the best friend with an invite from her husband to come over Friday night for a drink and watch the footy and second from the partner of a friend who lives in the USA. The USA friend gave me some words of wisdom and reinforced why my decision to walk from Michael is the best for me. I certainly am going to try and just focus on me at present. I am determined to have a good weight loss this week, after all, if I stick to it to the letter then there has to be a loss. I had someone comment on my loss this week, although the scales don't reflect my good work I do think I am changing shape. Anyway, not a lot happening really to report about. I suppose going out on Saturday night and seeing others having problems makes me realise I am not alone, one girl who wasn't in the photo had perservered for 12 months so I think I am perhaps too hard on myself. Others have left WW to go their own way and very very successfully, for me I know this is the path I need to go down but am now conscious of nutrition and trying to have clean food and nothing with too much sodium in it. I have brought some lovely paper to print my food trackers on, I am going to keep them in a folder, when I am struggling I can have the same food from a tracker whereby I have had a good loss. Hope everyone else is doing okay. Take care martine xxx

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Chris H said...

What a lovely bunch of girls.... I wish I was there!
Awesome loss this week Martine!