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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The scales are moving (thank god) !

Well, not a lot to report, but it is nice to sit down whilst the office is quiet and put my thoughts down, it is therapeutic to write on this blog. Yesterday was another good eating day, although I didnt eat enough for dinner and was starving, so just tried to focus on something else. Got on the scales this morning and they are certainly moving in a downwards movement, so pleased to say that this week (as at today) 2.3 lost, although I do weight at 5.2opm on a Friday so the weighing has helped me keep on track, it gives me food for thought that the stupid gain of last week is perhaps fluid after all. I am focusing on keeping my food, water and tracking 100% perfect, the exercise hasn't happened because of the back which is still a bit tender but hoping to get to the gym tonight. Work is busy which is good. Emotionally I am quite chuffed with myself, last week as you and the whole world knows was an absolute shocker in all aspects, I coped with it reasonably well (despite the scales saying otherwise) and as at today am focusing on me and just trying not to let the things I can't control upset me. My parents arrive on Friday, so that will be good. Tonight going to have an omelette for dinner, something easy and a bit of salad, want to make a Risotto for the freezer as those freezer meals are handy when I have a double session at the gym (that is both cardio and weights). After talking to Kazz on the weekend, I am definitely going to get a heart rate monitor. I think it is going to be beneficial in monitoring how many calories I burn and monitoring my heart rate and seeing how much I am improving. I certainly need a new pair of runner for the gym, but that is all money so will do that when I have some. Anyway, have a lovely day, hopefully everyone is doing well and if they aren't, remember your are not alone ! Martine xx


Hippygal said...

I love my heart rate monitor :-)

Chris H said...

Woo hoo on the scales showing a decent loss. See, it can come off!