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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weigh in tomorrow

Just a quick post. This week has seen me track, track and track. Obviously those on WW know the importance of tracking but I am trying to ascertain why I gained so much last week. This week the scales have kept going down and so far this week a loss of 2.3 (but there is a difference in weighing in the morning compared to evening) but even so I am very happy. I don't know why though that it was such a large gain, obviously the body was reacting to the major stress I had in my life. Mum and Dad arrive today so that will be nice to have some company. Off to the physio tomorrow and I am hoping everything goes okay and back to the gym which I have missed as I want to focus on my interval training in earnest. Despite all the dramas of a few weeks ago, I am proud of how I am mentally handling things, have been pro-active in getting out and making the first call about a lunch etc with the girls. I suppose I need to acknowledge to myself that despite what is said and done I have managed to keep focused on my gym and food intake despite being emotionally overwrought and perservering with WW despite the lack of progress on the scales. I think I am in a really good spot at present.

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