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Saturday, April 17, 2010

It is official, this was the worst week ever

Well, as you know this week has been a shocker, just went I thought the worst of it was over, there you go -another lot of stuff for me to deal with. Went to WW and had a good week, was full of praise for myself that I didnt eat through the crisis. The scales weren't so full of praise. A GAIN OF 2.2 KG..................(Insert swear word here!). There you go.......... I have made no progress now for a while with WW, ideally the answer is to walk, but I am determined to focus on what WW brings to my world, I do believe in the program and like the one on one aspect I get from WW Lifestyle programs. So, it is bloody well on, I am going to live and breathe exercise for the next 3 months and if I can't shift at least 6 kilos then I am walking...... Plus my brother and sister in law, invited all the family (mine live interstate) out for Nephew's birthday, so that is her family and I wasn't invited, the only one not to attend, was devastated so had to go up this morning when I know they all went back to my brother's place after dinner out to celebrate. Okay, so it has been a shocker of a week, I am very fragile and going out with the WW girls from Adelaide, all of which have had huge losses. I have to sit there and deal with it. Now, I can do this, just becuase it is a tough week, I can't have a defeatist attitude...... I will report in tomorrow, just wanted to keep you appraised of the situation. Okay so I haven't made progress with the weight department, time to put 250% in and if I can't manage to lose putting my heart and soul, more than I already do, maybe I am destined for this weight. The joys of it all....


Trish said...

Thinking about you - you are strong - you will get there


kazz said...

Martine - remember stress and emotional stuff changes your biochemistry and leads to fluid retention.

And yanno we all love ya...none of us are defined by numbers! Looking forward to seeing u tonite

kazz =]

Weighting Around said...

Don't ever think you were destined to weigh what you do. The power to change that is in our control but we have to find the strength to harness our energy and get it moving in the right direction. You WILL do it, girl! Keep at it!

Chris H said...

YOu are not DESTINED to be that weight... you can and will lose it.
If you plateau... try something different.
Change what you are eating, when you are eating it, larger meal at lunchtime instead of dinner time, no snacking, watch the portions... weigh food instead of guessing.... change your exercise (your body gets used to what you are doing after a while and it won't drop weight as easily)... Stop eating as many carbs...

That should be a start!