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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4-8-10 update

Well, it is raining and absolutely freezing cold in Adelaide today. Quite frankly it is ridiculous that I have to work ! J. I could quite easily spend the day in bed with the electric blanket on and cuddled up to Vince the wonderdog and he gazing at me like I am the best person he has ever seen. It is a lovefest with Vince and I – that little doggie makes my life complete and gives me unconditional love. Now if I could only find a man that loves me that much.

My Aunt had her dog put down yesterday. Dear Max was 15 years old and suffering all types of illnesses, it is so hard to be of comfort when you are crying yourself. I wasn’t a very good support person. I did remind her that he is in a much better place with all our relatives (both from the doggie world and human world).

Went for a walk with my friend Gill for 60 minutes. My feet today are killing me today, when I walk for that long and that hard I find my hip, inner thigh just ache and the feet unbearable – all signs that I must get my act into gear and get those bloody orthotics plus another absolute reason why I need to shed this weight once and for all. My friend Kazz has just got orthotics and they have made a huge difference to her. So must get to my health provider and find out how much the gap is going to be and just organise them instead of talking about it.

So far this week the exercise is good, so pleased with that and the routine I have with exercise, as a matter of course I go to the gym after work and on Tuesday I walk with Gill for 60 minutes.

Food wise, all is well and tracking every morsel of food that passes my lips. Certainly it is good to feel that you are doing well, it doesn’t take much to get back into the routine of good eating – sometimes I feel that when things are in place with food and exercise then everything else in my life is okay as well.

Off to the gym tonight, an experiment with doing my full 45 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of weight at an increased level.

Hope everyone is having a successful week as well. I am sure that I have done everything okay this week, the scales will make up their own mind when I get on them, a good week doesn’t always reflect on the scales, so fingers crossed.

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Chris H said...

It is wet and cold here tooo! Brrrrrr.