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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another great day in my world !!!!

Well, yesterday I went to the gym and did my new weights program, half the time of the other one but I did feel those muscle working. I must admit attending the gym does make me mentally so much better. Not much happening really, today has been a quiet day, I have really been good with the tracking, and having excellent food days always makes me feel happier. The only area of improvement really is the water. Tonight I walk with my friend Gill for an hour, we walk along the esplanade at the beach and it is good to get the fresh air into your lungs. Although I am doing well with the exercise, the world’s best dog Vincenzo hasn’t been walked for ages – I feel a tad guilty so am trying to get up early and walk him even for 15 minutes. So overall excellent on all fronts. I thought I had defrosted lentil soup for lunch but unfortunately defrosted a lentil/mince type WW recipe – although it was marked Lentil, so taking that home for dinner with some vegies. Once you are back on track, it is amazing how good you feel. I think only gaining 300 grams has really inspired me, the fact that I obviously was doing something right is a miracle. The plan is for the next 4 weeks (in conjunction with our WW class goal of 2kgs over the next 4 weeks) is to once and for all get that bloody Lorna Jane gym bag. Report in tomorrow.

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Chris H said...

Glad you are in control and on track again... whoooooo!