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Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 17 - I am so stressed

Well Day 17 is not bloody fun. I have had quite a stressful time at work the last 24 hours purely trying to deal with a difficult matter whilst my boss is away, yesterday I ate McDonalds for tea and a muffin and a soft serve. I could have ate and ate, luckily on the way home I caught up with Jo J (I have about 6 friends called Jo, it drives me crazy) and had a glass of Rose and a chat to her. This morning I woke up highly emotional, my period is due and that will do it, I am tired and emotionally tired of trying to get things done both at home and work, so had a quick telephone conference with the boss overseas who was delightful as she normally is. So today I did a lot of thinking, and somewhere on someone's blog they made a comment (think it was Bitchcakes blog) that food is not going to take the problem away. I thought of that today and had a salad for lunch and have focused on 1 hour at a time, the success of the story is the binge I had last night, well really not a binge but a bad evening meal, stopped at a bad evening meal and did not continue during the next day. I think to top this all off that I am getting a cold or flu so that can't happen whilst my boss is away. So have got some cold and flu tablets and hoping that they nip it in the bud. So, I am feeling slightly better this afternoon, the fact that I really thought hard about the eating, at lunch time I could have polished off probably a week's worth of points but I didnt. Tonight I am going home to start spring cleaning before my guests arrive next weekend and just focus on keeping myself busy. My boss is back soon so things will get back to normal. There is always going to be stress in my life at various times, I do and must learn how to deal with it. Actually, I am pretty impressed with myself for not turning to food like I normally do.


Natalie said...

That's it Martine. It's a slip, not a great tumbling fall. Good for you for getting on with the plan.

Karen said...

Hi Martine - You should be really proud of how you coped with what sounds like an incredibly stressful situation. You are so right. If hunger is not the problem then food is not the answer! Take care of yourself this weekend and be very proud of what you did. Karen xo

Tania said...

Hey mate, I've learnt to realise that I didn't get to the size I am without having an eating disorder. I don't expect it to go away, I believe I will just learn to control it better. And that's exactly what you've done by moving forward and putting it behind you. One bad choice in a stressful moment doesn't have to be the undoing of your week. And if you need proof - track it all and then work back the points over the rest of the week - that's what WW is all about, being able to fit anything into your plan without guilt. Well done for moving on from it.

Effie said...

Congratulations!!! It is always hard to stop a bad food session which usually leads into a hideous binge, but YOU did it. You should be sooooo proud and happy with what you accomplished by stopping that dreaded downward food spiral when you did. Well done Martine :)

Chris H said...

WEll done for not self medicating with food!