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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 16 - how quickly the days are going

Well everyone in bloggerland, take marks day 16 without sugar in the coffee, it really depends on who makes the coffee as to how I cope, but it is getting easier and easier with each day passing. Last night I got to the gym, although I was very tired and really as I missed those many weeks it is like starting over again. So did 30 minutes of cardio and my weights program. They had an open date and it was quite busy with the staff in fancy dress costume, thank god I am fairly relaxed there, my view is, and has always been, at least I am there doing my stuff. The plan is to get to the 45 minutes of cardio and then keep increasing the speeds/levels. I really must try and fit in a class at some point, but I think the exercise thing will come purely as the weight comes off. Last night at the gym a buxom blonde had joined, I looked at her and thought god, to look like that. She had an initial instructions on the cross trainer and I overhead that she needed to go back for a proper orientation. Anyway, she got stuck on the cross trainer and needed to re-start so asked me. I thought, god ! I am double your size. Anyway, she asked me what level I was on, I told her but also remind her that I was a lot bigger than her so not as fit, god bless her when this blonde bombshell said to me "god I never even noticed that" and proceeded to tell me how nervous she was, she then pointed to the weights area and said "do you go over there" to which I smiled and said "oh yes, that doesn't bother me". She was suitably impressed, but what the message here is, I thought because this lady looked so great that she would be confident, quite the opposite and there was a little lesson in this. I hate to be judged by my size, this lady probably doesn't want to be judged because of her body, boobs and looks. Left the gym and meet my friend Gill who I hadn't seen for a while, had a latte and by the time I got home it is after 9.15pm, so I couldnt' be bothered eating and had some crackers. No wonder I feel so time poor. Tonight I will get to the gym again and hopefully get home and have a decent meal. I do believe that limiting my sugar intake has helped with my cravings and binges, certainly it has improved but as I try to eat whole foods where possible, and the fact that I am eating all the food groups, overall this is working. My little gang of girls that go to WW, are all loving the fact that we are there supporting each other, certainly I now feel what I am missing and if I can keep this momentum going - and I will - the kilos will be melting away. I am tired and teary today, what is new, hopefully TTOM arrive soon so that I can feel better. Not much else to report. Have a good day


Effie said...

You are doing so well with the no sugar. You have been my muse this week as I have not had a single soft drink. I was at the shops yesterday and while waiting at the checkout, you know how they have those fridges right next to it? Well, I just kept staring at the diet coke. I felt so desperate and I really, really wanted one, but I thought of you and your sugarless coffee and grabbed a water instead.

Tania said...

Well done on your challenge Martine, you are doing very well! It's never nice being tired and teary, listen to your body and rest up mate, the gym will always be there tomorrow.

Jody said...

I gave up sugar in coffee a few years ago now and I have to say if someone puts in sugar now by accident - I can't drink it!
doing a great job