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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 15 and last night's weigh in results !!!!

Drum roll please - another loss of o.6 kilos (making that 2.6 in two weeks). Well, from the beginning - yesterday was a bit of a busy day at work with my boss having a well deserved holiday. Left work and headed to my WW meeting. The week had been good and everything tracked, exercised two days at the gym - which will be increased and water intake increasing. The week had encountered insults from mum and as well my period due shortly - so you never know how you are going to go. Got on the scales and another 600 grams off. I was and am still delighted. You know, I take one day at a time and focus on the fact that these individual days all add up. The girls Tina, Tania, Karen, Jo S and I all lost and Sandy unfortunately couldn't make it this week. It is so good to sit with the girls and we have a coffee (only) after and talk about a variety of subjects, particularly this week our mothers. It is so helpful to have a meeting which is good, a class of people that are doing well and the gang of 6 there by my side. So I have now lost 2 weeks in a row and working on the next week. With my period being anywhere from a 27 to 31 days cycle I know that this week I have to be extra good as well because sometimes even the week after it has finished I can gain. That means that there is only two weeks out of four that I am not having to be extra carefuly because of my cycle. Men don't get this. We have a guy at our meeting that has lost from memory 3o+ kilos and continues to lose 2+ kilos every week. It is good to see that they stay for the meeting and to know that we are all in the same boat. A lady became a life time member, she is a little lady in height and we all agreed that her 11kg loss would be like my 30 kg loss, she would not and did not lose the numbers we do and it has taken 9 months. What is inspiring is the perserverance. To understand that this journey will take a while, it is not a rush. One of the pearls of wisdom from last night's coffee session is the fact that once we get to goal weight, we are certainly not going to have ideal figures. We will have loose skin, the girls with a larger behind may well still have a larger behind. I for one will not have a flat stomach or suddenly turn into Megan Gale (Aussie supermodel). So as you see, after our meetings it is also like a therapy session. So today the focus is on another day and day 15 without sugar in the coffee. I am still being aware of the sugar intake and trying to limit the foods with higher sugar content as it certainly has made me not crave the sugar or want to binge so much. After reading many blogs and some of the comments from a WW group I am involved with it seems a lot of people had been struggling with a lot of people putting that line in the sand but more importantly that they have lost that mindset. It is clear to me that mindset is 90% of the weight loss factor. This is something that during the journey that I need and want to focus on. To remind myself that day 15 has arrived and I have not binged on food or have turned to food when I am emotional. Yay for me.


kazz said...

YAY martine! Your doing so well...and sound happier - so glad :)

Trish said...

Woohoo Martine - you seemed so focus - you go girl