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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 14 - Second Weigh in Day !!!

Today is my 2nd weigh in day. My period is due in 4 days and I have focused on tracking and doing the right things this week, as I normally should, but being aware that when this time of month comes around, I have to be pretty spot on to secure a loss. I feel I have lost, but that means nothing until I have got on the scales. It is nice to go with the girls to my WW meeting, it is so theraputic and a social event, it is nice that I have a leader that takes an interest in me. I would like to be 6 weeks down the track really, because I think with every kilogram that is lost, the more enthusiasm I have and I am really focused on keeping the mindset strong. I do believe that you get to a point in the journey where the losses are getting to add up to a larger amount and the monentum builds. Last night I didnt leave work till 6.30pm, a day of urgent family law matters, so the gym was given a miss. Ideally I say 3 times a week initially, once the weight comes off, the energy increases, so can the exercise. Baby steps. So last night I sat down and watched the Brownlow Medal Count (for those outside Australia, it is an award ceremony for best player in the Aussie Rules Football league), the men are strictly black tie, the ladies (or WAGS) out do each other. I used the night as a visualisation session, not that i will be going to any black ties soon, but there is nothing like a slim girl , even in a bad dress. So tonight I am off to my meeting for my second weigh in, I will post my loss when I get home. I am now day 14 without sugar, still going strong. Week 3 is about to commence and I am 14 days of good tracked food and water. Yay me. The weeks go so unbelieveably quick, in a way when you are doing any type of weight loss program, that is good, if you are good with all the things you need to be good for (tracking, portion control, water, exercise) then hopefully the weight comes off, each week will be another amount of weigh off my initial amount of 51.5 that I need to lose. I really am interested in keeping my mindset strong, by doing little challenges for myself and rewarding myself with them. My water consumption is not too bad, it is getting easier and although I don't drink all the water I should, each day I drink more. So will report in tonight. Week 3 here I come !


Penny, NZ said...

Yay to you Martine!

Two weeks in and still comepletely on track despite your tough days. Well done. I am so impressed.

I thought more after I posted the last comment and the closest I could think of to your experience was when I got a letter saying I got a compassionate pass in a course I sat (due to medical issues) and my sister said "well, that's good, but wouldn't it be nice to know you really deserved it?". It upset me a lot and I thought why can't you just be happy with me for the small victories, and not pick on everything?

Anyway, no more negetive. It doesn't deserve space on our radar. You are doing a wonderful job and I hope week three treats you as you deserve to be treated.

Love Penny xo

Effie said...

Hi Martine, just checking in to see how tonight went. I hope you had a loss. How did your exercise go?