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Monday, September 20, 2010

Days 11 - 13 (Sat to Monday). Pat on the back for me !

Well, the weekend has been and gone. I spent the whole day in bed yesterday, had a pretty bad night's sleep and no energy, so no doubt the depression had hit in a bit. I woke up this morning feeling revolting but by the time I got to work I decided I was better. You know, the tactless things Mum said on Friday upset me, but you know that I didnt turn to food as much as I wanted to. I am so enjoying my Weight Watchers class with my beautiful girls and my great leader that putting a loss on the card was more important. The fact I did not turn to food was in itself a minor miracle, but really it is about me doing a lot of thinking and trying to turn a negative to a positive. No doubt when I get to a certain weight, certainly not my goal weight of 71 kgs but more like 85 kgs she will tell me I am too thin, best friend Jo G suggested I say to her at that point, I won the bet !. Made a slow cooker casserole with a packet mix from McCormicks which I will have tonight after the gym. So weight in tomorrow night, my period is due in a few days, so for me any loss is good and I am hoping the scales are kind. So, really everything is going well, week 2 is nearly over and done with and I am now at day 13 without sugar in the coffee, although I can't drink instant anymore. So I am pleased with how this goes, I am also making a concerted effort to refrain from eating any foods with sugar in them (in the first 3 ingredients) on a regular basis. Off to the gym tonight, not that I feel like it, I am not at the point where some girls are where they just are addicted, I enjoy the environment and the feeling after. Below is an excerpt from the newsletter my leader sends out. I think how they describe exercise for us beginners who have no energy is great. Here it is:-

"Exercise is one of those things that once you have done it you feel really energized. In fact the reality is that you need to use energy to gain energy.Some of you may recall that I have mentioned, either in this newsletter or at meetings, the CYCLE OF FITNESS.If you can imagine trying to push a car that has run out of petrol! You exert a terrific amount of energy and force to begin with but after a while as the car gains momentum it appears to be easier. Similarly as you lose a little bit of weight and eat a healthy balanced diet you find a bit more energy and with that energy you can undertake a bit more activity and with that activity you lose a bit more weight, gain more energy and look to do more activity and so on. It takes a little perseverance and effort to get started but once you do I will guarantee you won’t look back"

Cheers Martine x


Chris H said...

I'm so glad you didn't turn to food when unhappy... I always do.
I'm an idiot like that.
Use energy to gain energy... I need to do THAT too.

Effie said...

Well done with the coffee and no sugar. I stopped drinking coffee many years ago, It finally hit me that I don't like the stuff otherwise I wouldn't have needed the sugar - 6 teaspoons. I swapped it for diet coke instead, but you have inspired me and I haven't had any soft drink of any kind since Sunday - that's when I start my week. Good on you for going to the gym tonight. I know what you mean about not really wanting to go, but at this stage we have to force ourselves and I do always feel really good after going. I have step at 6.30 then pump at 7.30 so I will think of you at those times and wonder what you are up to.