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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 4 and all going well

You know, the difference in my mental state when I am doing well with my food choices is remarkable. A lesson learned I suppose. It is 4pm and I should be hanging that washing out. This morning got up and went and got my hair done, my hairdresser has sold her shop to be a sale rep for a hair company and luckily there is 10 of us that she is doing our hair at home. THANK GOD. So got dressed and headed up to Kelly's. I am wanting my hair cut, so we have made a deal -10 kgs and I can cut it. Explained my going to Mawson Lakes, she nearly died of shock that I was travelling that distance but the thing is, it doesn't worry me as I am going with my dear friends and that is such a wonderful thing, makes a huge difference. Finished the hair colour and cut and headed for a brunch/lunch which I had a skim latte, again no sugar (the no sugar in the coffee is going well) and an egg and bacon sandwich with no butter on multigrain bread. A Saturday morning tradition for me and keeps me satisfied whilst I am running around. Whilst eating I planned my food for the week and a couple of new recipes from an old WW Cookbook I dragged off the shelf. I did the grocery shopping, with list in hand and was aware of the sugar in foods and how I was trying to avoid it, although I can't come to natural yoghurt and will still have my yoghurt I normally have which is from the Yoghurt Shop and their skinny version made up as I refuse to have artificial sweeteners due to my sleeping. What was good was I stopped at the bar section- you know the WW Bar, muesli and fruit bars and thought NO as I know that I will not be able to stop at 1, it would be one box, so I thought of the savory options I could have and brought some rice crackers and salsa to take to work and some crumpets. So far so good, but this is only Week 1 and Day 4 - so I think it is reasonable to expect me to be quite good this week, if after week 10, I am still focused and there is a shift in the weight - then I will be happy. Plan to watch my favourite footy team play on the TV tonight and tomorrow will stay home and do some household stuff and some cooking for the freezer so that when I come home from the gym next week, I can just reheat something or make a quick meal. Tonight's dinner is a very basic meal, chicken and roast vegies with gravy - but something I love and will have my favorite yoghurt afterwards. Anyway, glad to report that the scales are still in the shed and I haven't got them out, hopefully the food intake will keep me focused. Really decided that I need to be a bit selfish if I am to succeed in the journey, chatting to my hairdresser today I am a type of person that puts everyone before me, family, friends, work - it is time that I started putting myself as no.1. The plan is to focus on me and only me, if others don't like it then stiff ! Unfortunately, Vince the wonderdog can't do the housework which is still sitting there to be done. Have a good weekend.


Karen said...

Hi Martine,
Great to hear that you are back on track and looking after yourself. I have now doubt that your hard work will be rewarded xo

kathiej said...

Can't wait to see ur results on Tuesday.....so excited for u

Tabby said...

It isn't selfish to look after yourself M, and understanding that is a part of your journey too. Looking after yourself means you have more energy/happier/healthy enough to be able to do fun things with your friends and loved ones. You stick with it M. Two sleeps til weigh in, eeeks!