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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 7 - 1 week done

Well where did that week go, today is my first weigh in at Mawson Lakes Weight Watchers. Have no idea how I have gone, it is one of those things I have learned over the years, is that the body and scales have minds of their own. I am pleased with how I have gone and am pleased I have refrained from sugar in the coffee, a hard thing to tackle for me but one I am sure I will achieve plus have not binged eaten at all - so as far as successes go, I count this week as one. I was asked by my friend Karen if I was excited today about weigh in, I can't say I am but nervous. The week has been a success for me but I do get afraid my good work will not pay off on the scales. I am aware not to go gung ho and get too over the top in the early weeks, it is a long journey and I estimate at least 2 years to goal, of not more and it is baby steps. One week of good eating and I notice a very slight increase in the energy levels. Last night finished work and then went to the gym as I havent been for at least 6 weeks. of course my fitness decreased immensely and then it is a matter of simply building up again, it is not a thing I enjoy but I do enjoy the feeling afterwards. I didn't have my ipod with me, so that doesn't help. I notice I get quite hot, that is the combo of exercise and carrying 51 kgs of weight. Got home and had a quick bite to eat and then the ironing, before I knew it the time was 10pm and time for bed - not that I slept. Honest to god, if I could just sleep my life would be much improved. I am hoping once the weight comes off, my mind slows down a bit and that a side effect of the weight loss will be a better improved sleep, and of course no pain in the feet. Money is far too tight at present, once things get under control I will organise those orthotics, at present they have to wait. Will post an entry tonight re the loss. Have a good day

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Penny, NZ said...

Hi Martine,

You are doing a great job - I cannot count how many weeks I have started and given up within a few days lately. It's great that you can see all the goals of yours that you have achieved this week. No sugar in the coffee is a tricky one for me - I am okay with takeaway but if I sit in a cafe I find it very difficult not to put sugar in! Whatever happens, hang on to all those positive changes you have made this week.

Also, I'm sure you've tried everything with respect to sleeping but just thought I would mention Blackmores Tranquil Nights - a mild herbal insomnia remedy that I have found quite effective (although I don't think my occasional sleeping issues compare to your difficulties!).

Anyway, take care and good luck for tonight (oh no, that's right, its not luck its all that hard work you have been doing).

Thinking of you, Penny xo