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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 8 - Everything going well

Well, yesterday was my first weigh in at the WW meeting at Mawson Lakes. I must admit that I had no idea how I would go, as posted last night I am pleased to report a 2kg loss (only 49.5 to go) - not that I am worrying about that. I got to the meeting, pleased to say I didnt get lost and meet up with Karen and Jo S who was transferring from another meeting. Jo S is one of my online girls from a closed facebook group with WW Members. She has done swimmingly and lost 27kgs and due to a back issue had gained some weight but 27 kgs is a great effort - she wanted to join our merry group. So at our meeting we have Tina, Tania, Sandy, Jo S, Karen and myself - it is great to have that support and the meeting is a social thing for me. Upon arriving at my meeting, my leader Tina came up to me with a smiley face and hello - that is my type of person and checked how I went after I weighed in. All set to focus on the 2nd week and the next 7 days. We go for a coffee after the meeting and solve the world's problems, always nice. I am at Day 8 of going without sugar in my coffee, it is getting easier and think my plan of going cold turkey has been the way to go. The thing is, baby steps and remembering it is not a race. Tonight off to the gym, havent decided whether to do weights/cardio or Zumba, it depends on how I go. There is a Zumba class on a Friday night so may make that a regular thing. Exercise does not rock my boat, but it does make me feel happier when I finish. This week's topic is Lunch: At the meeting we discussed lunches and the various options you can have. I am luckily lunch isn't a thing I stress out on too much, but admit to pre-WW days or when I am off the plan that the odd Muffin/Donut used to pop into my mouth. The normal routine for me is either a sandwich or wrap, a salad and sometimes I make a salad of rice/couscous with some protein and divide it into my containers and just take one out of the fridge. Each Wednesday I meet my best friend, so that is normally a coffee and sandwich. So, week 1 has gone and working towards Week 2 weigh in. My period is due in 9 days so this week the plan is to be extra good and eat non processed food, I rarely eat processed food anyway, ensure I have lots of exercise and drink my water so that next week there is a loss of some description, the following week will also be the same as sometimes I lose just before my period and gain the following week. After all my goal is 4 losses in a row and I want that new gym bag I previously have refused to buy it until I have had 4 losses. Tina the leader has also mentioned a challenge which is going to happen, something along the lines of losses in a row and Christmas, I like the idea of setting yourself a personal challenge of say 4 losses, rather than 5kgs as at present, a success is consistent losses. After a while I will change it around and do a certain amount of losses, perhaps a weight one and then a exercise challenge. So, it is a very long road, I just have to focus on 1 day at a time. The key I think is to keep focused and the mindset strong and as well to run my own race.


Chris H said...

Awesome first week's loss Martine.
I am sure having a support group of lovely ladies is a huge help... something I had in Palmerston North but not here sadly.
You have sound goals and intentions ... so enjoy your next week.

Penny, NZ said...

Well done Martine! You hero you! Keep taking it one day at a time, you are going to go brilliantly and I just have to catch your motivation bug.

Well done and good luck for the next week's efforts.

Penny xo

Anonymous said...

Well done Martine... I luv the challenge of 4 losses in a row rather than the 5kg.. I always saboutage myself with that one.. your going great..
xx Amanda H