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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 9 - On a Roll

Well, I have just come back from lunch, it is a such a nice day in Adelaide today, although I am tired and have no energy it is nice to get out in the fresh air. Adelaide has had a lot of rain this Winter, which although is absolutely needed because of the drought, it will be nice to have some sunshine. Today I thought I would have a Subway 6" sub with honey and mustard dressing. It was nice for a change, bumped into friend and leader Sharon and had a chat to her. One of the divine things about doing WW, this blog, and the WW Support Facebook Group is the support of people. I have had some just lovely and caring comments on my blog since its inception - to date the weight is the same but obviously now I am at the caring and sharing WW meeting at Mawson Lakes, I am feeling somewhat confident. People who have weight issues, even though they might be different people understand the effect it has. People like Penny from NZ - who always makes a lovely comment, Chris (aka diet coke) who always leave a lovely comment. When I see comments on my blog, you know - it just tickles my heart. I am lucky that I am a fairly open person, I might get self conscious or embarrassed but the WW online community I can be myself, I feel they all understand. Finished work late last night but got 30 minutes at the gym, will be building the time and intensity up. As I haven't been for about 6-8 weeks my fitness is almost no existent, but it won't take long to build up. At present when I am on the cardio machines, I am noting the levels, time and distance - ultimately I would like a heart rate monitor that I can download, it will be interesting to see how many calories I am burning, but that will be for a significant goal. With the gym, I don't hate it - actually I like it but as I am carrying extra weight I do get very very hot, my feet hurt and I am tired but I think what will be interesting is when the weight comes off, whether I can feel a difference, I am sincerely hoping that my feet improve. At present I feel very time poor, one of the reasons is that I am so bloody tired, so I get behind in things, then that makes the sleeping worse. My key to keeping me sane is being organised. One of the areas of improvement is the morning, not my best time. I have driven into work the past two months, purely as I am so exhausted, by 4.20am - I am still fluffing around trying to get to sleep. So, the plan I have of focusing on one day at a time is working. I have always been a believer in self-talk, the plan is to focus on one day and even one meal at a time. The days fly by and I remind myself that all those individual days add up, before I know it I will be at WW doing another weigh in - this week my period is due at weigh in, the focus is to keep being good and ensuring a loss because I really want that 4 losses in a row. I think my second goal might be gym orientated with a challenge/goal of doing 1 gym class a week - whether it be yoga, zumba, pump - that way I face my fear. I did last night manage to have a good chat (now girls I love a good chat) with the instructor that does Zumba, luckily I know her as she instructed me when I did bodyjam - that still makes me shake with fear as I needed to be too co-ordinated. We had a discussion and she suggested I come to the 6.30pm Friday night session, I might just so that. I have a fellow friend and weight loss buddy, she has done significantly well with her weight loss through pure hard work, she trains a lot with a persona trainer, but I sit back and notice the various stages she goes through, at one stage she was very scared of classes, now she attends them and even the dreaded RPM classes with gusto and I sit back and smile and feeling saying to her "look how far you have come" but I want to be able to say that to myself. At present I feel in a good spot, I am slightly depressed at present but it seems the whole world is feeling this way, but what I know, is with work, determination and tracking my heart out I can secure a loss this week and with every week and kilogram that my weight goes down, not only will my physical health improve, but my mental health will as well.


Natalie said...

It sounds as though you have your head in the right place for success Martine. I look forward to hearing of all your victories!

Anonymous said...

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