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Friday, September 10, 2010

Days 2-3 (Thursday to Friday)

Hi everyone,
Sorry I didnt post yesterday, was decidedly under the weather and wasn't feeling the best. So far so good with all things weight loss. Wednesday morning (day 1) as I said before I woke up and the day went quite smoothly. Thursday meet Dee (dazydee from the WW site) who gave me my tupperware and we had lunch at a great vegetarian cafe and chatted about all things WW. Last night grazed for dinner, wasn't well the entire day so an early night was what happened - although the insomnia didnt want me to sleep.
Woke up today, feeling a bit better but not great. At least in Adelaide the sun is shining and we do not have rain or wind. This winter has been particularly wet but at least our reserviors are full and hopefully they can ease off a bit with the water restrictions. Plan to go home tonight and work out my menu for the week so tomorrow I can go out and get some groceries, the cupboard is bare. Plan to make Saturday evenings a night where I try a new recipe and cook a dessert. Most of the time I am home saturday nights, it is a night where I struggle and I suppose being alone and single is not easy, so if I can make the most of the night then that would be good. Although this pay period is shocking so planning on looking for some cheaper meals to make. So far so good, the scales at home are in the shed and I have on inclination to even look at them. I want this weight loss attitude to be fairly relaxed, after all it is a long road. Will go to the gym on the weekend, I personally feel that you don't need to live and breathe the gym and do triple classes, of course exercise is important and helps with the weight loss but then so does food. Hope you all have a great day. I have attached two photos of the world's best dog, my best friend and the person who loves me at 122.5 kgs or 68 kgs - Vincenzo Christopher Dally aka Vince. So absolutely handsome


Bob West said...

Very interesting. I enjoyed your blog. I am now a follower. I hope you will get insights from mine as well.
All the best, Bob West

kathiej said...

Vince is absolutely adorable
Hope u enjoy your Saturday night cooking

Tania said...

Hope you're feeling better mate, have a good weekend, look forward to celebrating your week 1 success with you on Tuesday night!

Karen said...

I am so pleased to hear how well you are doing. You should be really proud of getting back on track - wish I could do the same!! Vince is so cute xo

Tabby said...

Its good to have a plan M. Perhaps one Saturday night I can come to yours and we can cook a dinner and plan a little together?
See (less of you) on Tuesday! KC