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Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank god tomorrow is WW day

Well the weekend has been and gone and it is Monday AGAIN. The weekend of course went far too quickly, the eating so so. Saturday fluffed around and went up to Marion Shopping Centre and had a coffee with best friend Joanne and her great husband and came home and did stuff around the house. Sunday, which was father's day had a girfriend over for a meal as my beautiful father lives interstate and so at 8pm last night I am ironing. I plan to make next weekend a stay at home weekend, other than hair and nails on SAT morning and of course the gym, to stay at home and get some jobs done. Cupboards need a bit of a tidy up and some things thrown out. I am relieved to say that tomorrow I am going to my new Weight Watchers Meeting, time to get serious. It is just a huge weight off my shoulders, to think that I am going with darling and treasured friends Tania, Tina and Karen and so will get the support I need, plus I know the leader is a good one. So tonight, as it is bin night, I will throw any crap out of my cupboards and into the bin. The plan is to make Weight Watchers enjoyable, I do enjoy cooking so find the planning etc and routine of it quite therapeutic and so tonight I am taking measurements in preparation. The reading of Sweet Poison is going slow, it is quite intense and technical but have come along a section regarding seratonin (which helps you sleep) and sugar. As you know my sleeping is really quite seriously bad, once the insomnia started the weight increased. I have no doubt they are interconnected and so I was a tad excited. The plan for the next week is to just focus on the WW basics, get into the rythmn and do babysteps. I have no doubt I will be 120kg's but that is fine, the line will be written in the sand. I am pleased with my decision, a nice new book is always good to write down your loss. So girls, I am starting to get my head into gear, I do realise that for my well being and mental health, I need and want to do this. Will report in on Tuesday night after my meeting.


kathiej said...

Wishing u the best... U will do great

Chris H said...

Good luck with weigh in chick.

Tania said...

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night Martine - send me an SMS if you want to come here first, otherwise I will see you at the meeting.