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Friday, September 3, 2010

Brought the book

Well it is Friday, what can I say but "thank you god !". Woke up at 7.55am this morning - should be on the road by that time. My sleeping is shocking at present. Last night went to Target on the way home, actually did go shopping but it was because I wanted a Scone with Jam and Cream and a coffee. Went into Target and they had this great mirror which I brought (with my birthday voucher money) and saw the Sugar Poison book out, thought I will buy it. So did that and took it home and will start to read it on the weekend after I have done the housework. Looking forward to Tuesday, it is basically a relief to know that I am about to start feeling somewhat better and just get back into the routine, I plan to try and be as clean as possible with my eating. Many many moons ago Weight Watchers had a program called Core which was basically whole foods and no processed foods, I know when I have followed this previously that I am not hungry and do not suffer from binges or cravings and of course the energy levels have increased. I suppose when you eat badly you can feel it in your body, with me the energy levels are none existent and it is a side effect of putting all that crap in your body. So, for me it is just planning and organising. Of course with this lack of energy the stuff around the house does not get done, that causes me more stress so plan to get all the jobs at home done, stock the fridge and freezer and be ready for Tuesday at 6.30pm. The road ahead needs me to be a bit selfish, why is it that we think it is a crime to put ourselves first? So that is what I am doing, putting myself first.


Effie said...

Hi Martine, Hope you enjoy your book, I have heard good things about it. I loved the core program, it worked really well for me and as you said my energy levels were great and I never had any sugar cravings or binges. I am actually thinking about going back to core. Anyway, enjoy your weekend, sounds like you will be really busy. I also think that we need to be selfish sometimes by putting ourselves first, if we are not around who is going to look after everyone else?? Take care, Effie xx

Leanne said...

Hi Martine, I'll have to check out Target, have been wanting to read Sugar Poison, heard great things about it.
Putting my leaders hat on here, but just thought I should point out that the Satisfaction program is actually core, but with limits, hence points. If done properly and you eat filling foods, and make sure you eat appropriate serves from each food group you should get same outcomes that you did on core ie energy levels, sugar cravings etc.Eat the foods you ate on core, apply the same principals but point it. Does that make sense? Satisfaction plan does give more flexibility than core for special celebrations and the occasional treat.

Tania said...

Definitely hard to be selfish - I know that feeling only too well but it's so important for our sanity and for our success on this journey! My new hobby is scrapbooking - i'm MAKING time to do it because i need to put myself first a bit more.

Good luck reading the book, I hope it gives you what you want from it.