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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today is the day

I got home late last night, ate some chocolate and laid on the lounge with no energy. That my loves is the last time. One of the things over the last 6 weeks, that is the last 6 weeks where my eating has been awful is the side effects of all the sugar in my diet. I have the following;-
  • Lethargy
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Sore Feet
  • No taste buds
  • Itchy skin
This is all as a result of bad eating. Yesterday I brought the 2nd book in the Sweet Poison books, which is a simpler read and goes through various topics. One of the topics is foods, David Gillespe goes into is various foods - yoghurt, breakfast cereals etc. With yoghurts the only acceptable one is natural yoghurt. I think, and I could be wrong, they are not recommending artificial sweetners either. I am not a fan of artificial sweetners, I believe they are not good for our system and get us used to eating sweeter foods, I personally believe that the introduction of Equal sweetner years ago has a connection with my insomnia. So the theory is whole foods. My buddy Karen who was joining with me has pulled out, her dog is seriously ill - so going and meeting Tania and Tina. I know this is the beginning of good things with effort on my part and concentrating on the mindset above all else, if the mindset is strong then everything else will fall into place. I have dinner at a girlfriends tomorrow night, hopefully it is nothing horrendously high in points but will have a light lunch of a salad sandwich and hopefully there is not too much damage done. I have set myself a month of really focusing on this, getting the routines down and being organised. I am hoping in 4 weeks time I can report the energy levels have increased, in conjunction with the gym which has been absent the last 3 weeks, I should be feeling better. Normally they say 4-6 weeks so if I can see improvement then I will be happy. The fact at present, I am so tired and could lay down at my desk and sleep, is seriously bad. My bad eating equals bad sleeping, so I am hoping even in a week of good eating, tracking, drinking water, exercising and focusing on strengthening my mindset that I will be a happier version of myself. As I said before, I am not always going to reward myself at say 5kg goals. My first goal is to join, that is done and a new lipstick will be brought. Second goal is 4 consecutive losses in a row and that will be a new Lorna Jane gym back or the pink Nike one I saw yesterday. I am starting at size 20-22. The plan is to get to a size 14. This can be done with support of my two friends, effort and focus.


Effie said...

Hi Martine,

You sound like you have everything under control and your path to happiness is going in the right direction. I love reading how positive you are and about the sweet poison books, I may have to look into buying them. Have a great day.

Chris H said...

ONWARD and DOWNWARD mate! You can do it.