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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Days 66 to 70 - My First Pro Points Meeting

Well where to start. Friday saw me go to Indian with a friend of mine, my favorite place in Adelaide - Taj Tandoor in Rundle Street. I don't go there often because of the points value and so Michael and I meet there and had a quick meal. Had a lovely Rogan Josh and some naughty pakoras, Naan bread and 1 glass of wine, I did go over my points. Saturday was again running around like a headless chook. Had a coffee early with my bestie Joanne who I meet with her husband Ron and chatted about their cruise around New Zealand. So that was nice. Saturday night caught up with the WW online girls - Tina, Tania, Kazz and myself and just had a delightful meal together and it is always so wonderful and then a coffee after. Monday was the launch of Pro Points. I for one have always embraced the change, after all I don't want my life to be like it is at present, I do want it to change and if WW introduces a new program, then I will embrace it. I actually enjoy WW and all things associated with it, planning the meals, the meetings, the online community. To me the new program makes sense and I for one am on 37 points a day with 49 allowed for the week. So tonight I go to my meeting and find out about it. If you have been online on the WW site, it blows my mind that people are angry or negative about it without even trying it for a week. To be honest, it annoys me - sure people can be concerned about trying to memorise new points but not even trying for 24 hours it beyond me. My period is due again in the next few days, so this week I have been super good. I had got the scales out at home the week before last and they have been a hindrence this week, I am always on them, as this is the week I possibly can gain, I have tried to do every thing in my power to lose. I am hoping for a 200 to 300 gram loss this week. I am really starting to feel super motivated, more so than before. A good run of being good, weight losses in a row just encourage me to be extra good. I am hoping for 4.2 kilos by the end of the year, if possible. I suppose my positive attitude towards the WW Pro Points plan will work in my favour, I believe in positive thoughts and actions can only mean a positive result on those scales. I have never been a person that has been confident about her self, but this journey at WW at Mawson Lakes Meeting has me absolutely confident that I can get to goal. Saturday I have a friend's 50th, which is drinks and nibbles and she is stocking my favorite wine - Rockford Alicante, so will allocate for 2 glasses and as it is nibbles, will eat before I go out to avoid the nibbles. Anyway, all good with me but I must work on that damn exercise.


Effie said...

I agree with the ProPoints and how people are not even willing to try it. I am still working through the new points and am looking forward to see how it works for me. Probably won't be good this week, but that's cause I haven't done it properly, but come next week I am going to follow it to the letter and see what happens - I think it's really exciting.

Don't worry too much about your exercise, you will get there when you feel ready and that way you will enjoy it much more.

Have a great day.

Effie said...

Oooooops, I meant to say that I agree with you about the Propoints and how negative people are being about it. Sorry, that wasn't really clear.