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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Days 71 and 72 - Pro Points is great

Well everyone in bloggerland, all going well with me. Tuesday night got to my meeting very early as it was our official launch of Pro Points, there were a cast of thousands. As TTOM is due any day, I had worked hard last week not to gain like I normally do when TTOM is due. I was pleased to report that I stayed the same, for me that is progress in the right direction. I think I felt pleased that my hard work paid off. I brought the new WW kit (Tracker, Calculator, Eating Out and Shopping Guide) for the days when I am out and about and not near a computer. The meeting was so busy, my leader read from a sheet that was prepared but over the next few weeks I think we will find it a bit easier. My darling girlfriends that go - this week Tina, Tania, Helen and her lovely daugher Hayley all sat together, I am fortunate to love my leader, love my class and love my WW gang of girls. Got home from the meeting, ate some dinner and sat down to read the information in quiet, of course whilst trying to juggle Vince the wonderdog on my knee, give him a cuddle and remind him that he is the love of my life. I am not, and never have been a fruit lover- it gets down to canned fruit, pineapple, berries and the occasional GOOD apple, so the new plan is going to get me trying to eat more fruit. There is an apple on my desk that must be eaten today. I put on my WW online tracker as my weigh in day as a Wednesday, that way my food day makes Wednesday Day 1 and Tuesday the day I actually go to WW as Day 7. This works for me. So Wednesday 17/11/10 was my official Day 1 of the Pro Points plan. So Day 1 was interesting, to say the least. After dinner last night which was vegies, baked potatoe and sweet potato (with cooking spray) and a piece of steak. Once the meal was finished I was full and had 7 points to go, I didnt eat it all. Today is Day 2, I have tracked my 37 points - it seems like a lot of food to me but will see how I go, I know my leader says it does take a while to get used to the amount of food. So all going well, the new plan I think will work well for me with those spontaneous things that come up, in that, I can use those 49 extra weekly pro points, although not every week. I am looking forward to going to my meeting on Tuesday, hopefully with a little hard work those scales can show a good loss. Although I doubt it, it would be good to get those extra 4.8 kilograms off by 31/12/10 to make it 10 kilograms lost. All going well and I am sure that over the next few months I am going to see regular and good losses.

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