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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days 75 to 79 - Pro Points Rocks

Well I haven't posted since Saturday. I am so slack. Saturday I had my friend's 50th birthday and it was a pretty good night, had too much to drink which is not like me. Thankfully Pro Points came in handy. TTOM arrived on Sunday night which is another added bonus.
Sunday saw me recover after getting home at 2am, the recovery rate is not what it used to be. I woke up late and headed for a coffee or two.
Tuesday saw me go to the WW meeting at Mawson Lakes where the big WW chiefs were present, I put in a good word for my beloved leader. Got on the scales and although on weigh in day I had heavier shoes on and a heavy lunch I still secured a 700 gram loss with the big night on Saturday night. So I am pleased with that.
At present I can see the weight coming off my face, that is a nice feeling. Mum and Dad are down, so I have been good to track my food and with pro points those unexpected meals out (like last night at my brothers) work great with pro points. Friday night I have my bestie friend's 50th but that is a civilised affair and I already know what I am eating and have allocated 2 glasses of wine to have and will use some of the weekly points.
All going exceptionally well at present, I am so focused and encouraged by all the pro points stuff and my meeting, members and leader all help. My focus is the consistent weight losses and I am just so pleased that everything is switched on at present.
Tracking is what keeps me honest, it is what makes me stick to the program, I track religiously and no when I gain the reason why (well on most occasions). I am sad in that I double track, on line and in the WW tracker. God help me when the app come in. With the WW tracker, I wanted to track for 12 weeks and see how much I could lose in that period of time and reward myself.
So overall I am in a lovely spot, I am focused on 4.1 kilograms to lose by the end of the year. In my WW weight tracker it says from start to present my average loss is 500 grams per week. I am happy with that, I think that figure will increase with Pro Points, I feel it is just made for me.
Meeting up with Gaechan from the WW boards on the weekend. I am so excited as I love meeting people from the online community. Penny a blog reader from NZ is coming over and I am getting to meet her as well. The online community is now an important part of my life, so funny that other friends of mine don't do anything like this.
I suppose I feel the WW girls do understand where I am coming from, they themselves have the demons on their shoulders as well. Must go now, Vince is overdue for a cuddle, that dog does not have a clue that he is a dog. Martine xx

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Tania said...

It's definitely important to have the support of people that understand! Hope you're enjoying having your parents down.