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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 125 - I am back at work

Well today I am back at work after a few weeks of annual leave, it was sure hard to get up this morning. So 2011 is well under way and the routine continues.
Tina and I went for a walk along the track near the beach at Largs Bay and had a coffee and a chat, it is always nice when you have someone to walk with.
Today got up had my breakfast (cereal and milk) and went for my small morning latte (Day 125 without sugar) and off to work. Pineapple for morning tea and then a large green salad with turkey and reduced fat feta and homemade roasted capsicum and a capuccino. Went to the gym and do about 40 minutes of cardio, I will ease into it as I can't believe how the fitness goes. Will go on Wednesday and do another 40 minutes of cardio and my weights programme.
Without weighing myself on the scales, I am not sure how I have gone this week - I feel that I have lost but what I have learned is the scales don't always reflect good eating habits. I always get nervous on weigh in day - I should learn to relax a bit.
Have been using the Pedometer, took it off whilst doing the cardio workout and can't get over how it encourages you to move more. I now always park the car as far away as I can to get extra steps (so thanks Tania !).
The next month will be tight moneywise as I did over spend during the Christmas period, so I am thankful that this will give me an opportunity to do a bit more exercise. I must face doing some classes, hopefully my BFF will hold my hand at a class. If I was brave I would do Zumba on Wednesday.
All good with me, my focus is just to do what I have been doing, I am pleased to say that I now think twice if I feel like something naughty, I can have those treats but now would rather plan for them and enjoy them and make an event out of it.
I will report in tomorrow about my results, I should be confident with the food I am eating - this week has been good but saying that I always get nervous. Luckily all the celebrations are over and done with for a while and Easter is a way off. Easter is another goal for me, I want the trifecta - Christmas, New Year and Easter losses.
Hope everyone is doing well, don't hestitate to put a comment on the bottom or email me, I am always up for some emailing. Take care everyone

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Natalie said...

I envy you Martine - you seem to be in such a good place. I'm still floundering a bit, but hope to have more good days than bad this week!