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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 126 and 127 - That wasn't the plan

Well it is 2.50 am on Wednesday morning, I am still awake and stewing over my weigh in results, but before I post about that.
The week in review. The week was a good week, I had a dinner Friday night with a dear friend who is a skinny minny (size 8) and knew she likes to eat (god I hate people tiny as anything that need to gain weight) and so had saved my weekly points. Went to an Italian place we love called Vino on Unley Road. Tracked the food honestly as I normally do, my view is that if I track honestly then I can honestly review the enteries and then the scales should reflect my good work, or that is the theory. This week saw me increase the exercise, get back at the gym and doing lots and lots of incidental exercise on my pedometer which incidentally has been such a joy to have, I can't get over how it encourages additional exercise.
So Tuesday off I go to WW, the whole of the Tuesday I had a tension headache, now you see I am not the most relaxed person. I never need anyone else to put pressure on me, I do it well and truly very well by myself. I weigh and honestly track all my food or as my leader says "anal with the tracking" but that is how I like it. If I 100% track properly and stick with the programme then the results will show on the scales. Well not this bloody week. Got on the scales to see a 700 gram gain, I can tell you that being upset and totally pissed off was an understatement. Normally my beautiful lot of WW girls (4 normally but we have had a lovely friend come back after an illness so there are now 5) so 1 out of the 5 secured a loss. It is either a couple of things:-
A catch up from Christmas/New Year (remembering I had a loss)
Period is due in about 10 days
Peri Menopause
One of those things
So as much as I am upset and annoyed, I have just reviewed my weekly food and can't see anything too bad in the tracker. I ate my daily points of 36 pro points and all my 49 points. So this week I will do the same, exercise with all my heart and pray that next week's loss is a good one. My friend who goes to WW with me had a gain of the same amount, we are the same age and both going through peri menopause and we both equally annoyed.
The darling darling girls I go to WW become closer with each day, the support and encouragement they give me and even yesterday when I told them of the regular tension headache i have each weigh in day they supported me - I know I am my own worst enemy, I take a gain so personally.
The thing is - this gain is unexplainable. But you know what, it has made me determined to do everything in my power this week. My goal is to lose the 700 grams I gained this week and an additonal 500 grams (1.2 kilos total). I may not achieve it but it is a focus I can work towards. Luckily money is so tight this pay so it will be easy for me to get the runners on and take the wonderdog for a walk and go to the gym.
Success is not always on the scales - the fact i have dropped 1 size in dresses and tops at Autograph is something that I am going to focus on, the fact I weigh and track HONESTLY my food is what I need to look at.
There you go, it is going to be a long journey and not a race. Some days you just feel you aren't making progress but then again, I am.. I have changed my eating, cut out sugar in coffee, drink water, track my food and exercise more - that is success.
I am a bit sleepy now, so must go. Have entered my food for today in the tracker so have printed that out so I can make my lunch etc.
Finally, to my friends and blog readers from Queensland and living in the flood areas of Queensland my thoughts, prayers and love is sent your way. I can't get over how terrible it is, for those poor people to lose everything including life is shocking. I personally get distressed over the children that have lost life and the animals particularly. As a lover of children and animal - the thoughts that 2 toddlers have lost their lives is terrible and the fact there are whole families missing. I have to think that these floods are such an extreme from the recent droughts in QLD. So everyone in QLD my love to you all.


Leanne said...

Big Hugs Martine. I know that feeling, its so frustrating. Just a thought as I found a couple of my members had a similar issue this week, redo your PP calculation if you have a calculator as you may have dropped in your daily PP allowance as you have lost weight.
The numbers on the scales are not always reflective of the hard work you put in. Sometimes the gain can be temporary, in that it is fluid retention if you had items of food with a high sodium content eg canned tomatoes, processed food, or alcohol, in the day prior to weighin.Even when you stay within your PP allowance.
Sometimes the numbers are also reflective of the week before. Catchup may occur. The numbers will be much better next week.
Hang in there, and as you said the measurements are not always guaged by the numbers on those scales, but in how your clothes feel and more importantly, how you feel.
Here's to a brilliant result next week,
Leanne x

Tania said...

Oh Martine, we all can relate to what you're going through at the moment but you're right - the focus has to be on what you have achieved. As Tina often says your head knows its weigh in day but your body doesn't - ANYTHING can cause fluctuations on the scales.

You've reviewed your tracker, asked yourself if you did the best you could and the answer is yes - so all you can do is face the week ahead! I was in the same position after my 1.3kg gain last week and I turned that around last night.

You will have a better result next week, but in the meantime when the frustration hits, start focussing on the things you have achieved - smaller clothes, regular tracking, no sugar etc ... these lifestyle changes are big achievements and things you should be very proud of.

samantha said...

Martine I know how disappointed you must be especially after tracking so well and exercising well its extremely frustrating, but as you said your measurements are also as important as your weigh ins and the clothes are fitting you better so take this week and put it behind you as I am sure you will be rewarded with a good loss next weigh in. Take Care xxx