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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 128

Well today saw me actually have a latte without sugar and not even thinking about the whole sugar thing, I enjoyed it and so with every day the sugarless coffee is going well. After Tuesday's night gain and the anger and frustration I felt I woke up on Wednesday morning more determined than ever to keep doing what I am doing. Gathered my bits and pieces for work (lunch, fruit etc) and went to work and ensuring that I tried to get as much incidental exercise and steps on the pedometer as I could then off to the gym for my cardio and weights programme - so that was an hour's exercise and if I wasn't hungry could have stayed for a while long and then home to eat dinner. Usually the gym is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and the non gym days see me doing walks etc. Tonight home for dinner and then some house stuff. Quite frankly the gain on Tuesday didnt see me go down in a depressed pile and eat but focus on what I had to do to ensure this gain didnt happen again and focus on my personal goal of 1.2 kilograms, whether I lose that amount of not is not the point, it allows me to focus on what I want to achieve. Whilst at the gym was listening to a podcast by Jillian Michaels and it is so informative and keeps me focused instead of music. So if anyone knows of any good podcasts, please let me know. So all good, there is no social events this weekend and really am going to have to eat additonal food to use some of my weekly points - this does do my head in but I realised early on the daily points always need to be eaten and some of the weekly points. So may have Indian for Saturday night dinner as a treat. Have a good day and I will see you guys tomorrow. Please feel free to post a comment, it is always lovely to hear from the online community. Take care


Anonymous said...

Hi Martine,
I listen to 'Two fit chicks and a microphone". Should be able to find them in iTunes.

Chris H said...

Doggy photos are up just for you!

AND... how are ya doing??