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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Days 129 and 130 - It is Saturday night and I am washing !!

Well it is Day 130, it is 9.30pm on a Saturday night and this little duck is washing - what a life ! All going well in my world. Friday was a good day, my period arrived and so the mystery of the 700 gram gain was solved, annoying but solved. The joys of menopause is that it is either late or early, this time 8 days early. This week have done my cardio and weights program at the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and off at 8am tomorrow. The funny thing about the gym is that once i get into the routine of it, I feel so much better for doing it and mentally I am a bit more relaxed. I prefer to listen to a Podcast instead of music and at present am listening to Hamish and Andy and Jillian Michaels. Jillian's podcast is so informative I find that I am on the machines longer as I want to finish the episode. I would have gone to the gym today but it was a busy day, nails and hair appointments and some grocery shopping and a quick coffee with Jo and Ron saw the day pass by in a whirl. At 5pm I really felt like going to the gym, unfortunately it closes at 5 pm. I did laugh as that is a first.
My wonderful hairdresser who has been doing my hair since I moved to Adelaide and is a superstar is no longer doing hair as she is now a sales rep, so tried out a friend of her's and had a significant amount of hair cut off - I have enough hair for 3 people. So feel somewhat better. All things food wise is going great guns, brought some pretzels today to snack on occasionally for something different and they are not loaded with sugar. So worked out the pro points (3pp for 33 grams) which is quite a lot and a good snack. I am really focused on that 1.2 kg loss this week, so want to get as much exercise in as possible. The pedometer has seen me park the car far away and walk to where ever I go so I can get more steps on it, that is a really good tool for me, because the days I can't get to the gym, I can focus on the additional steps. have been invited to my lovely friend Kath's place on Friday night - thank god for those weekly points as no doubt it will be something not quite healthy and a dessert and a wine or two,but then that is what the weekly points are all about. I find E-Tools on the WW site an absolute godsend, for example any new product I buy that isn't in the list of foods, it is so easy to add them and put what serving size you want. I brought from Woolies some Banana Bread (a packet is sliced into portions and wrapped) - all right we know Gloria Jeans and McDonald's Banana Bread is horrendously pointed, on the old system the Gloria Jeans one was almost a day's points. The Woolies brand is 8 points per slice but it is good for an occasional sweet and is in the freezer. I am suddenly finding the energy levels have increased, so I am pleased I am not so absolutely buggered 24/7. Certainly the going without sugar in a coffee - WHICH HAS BEEN A HUGE DEAL FOR ME, is working well and I am now enjoying the coffee without it. The last few days in particular I have noticed that I don't miss it - but it is day 130 so it is worth persevering if you want to give up something. Anyway the washing machine has beeped and I must hang out those clothes. Luckily tomorrow is a quiet day. Gym at 8am and that will be about an hour - hour and half, drop off the car park ticket to a friend of mine who let me borrow her car park whilst she was away and return some library books, then home to do some more stuff at home then have a Nana nap and then walk the Vince the wonderdog, who by the way is cuddled up amongst the pillows on my bed - what a life. Don't forget to leave a comment or the name of any podcasts you listen to. Until tomorrow...............


Natalie said...

With you on the meonpause thing. I'm a very lucky girl, 'cos I'm getting mine twice a month. Twice the fun!!

Chris H said...

Menopause was/is the pits.
At least I don't have to put up with getting my monthly every 17 days anymore... ya for hysterectomy's.
Doing well with the Pro points I am... must get the larger, more comprehensive Points book though.
Got a couple of doggy photos on the blog... just for YOU!

Penny, NZ said...

Bugger Martine! I am still too young for menopause, but do understand the irregular thing. Until recently I was on a pill that made them irregular and too frequent (every two weeks, and Natalie that sucks!). On the new pill I don't get them at all (weird, but apparently about 40% on this pill don't get them). The plus is that I can swim without it being a problem - before they were so heavy it interrupted my attempts to get fit. Now, just have to combat all the other excuses...

Effie said...

Martine, You are doing so well on your journey and it sounds as though you are really enjoying it - including the gym. I bet you never thought you would actually want to go, that just shows how much progress you have made. You truly are a wonderful inspiration and I am so happy to be following you on your journey xx

Anonymous said...

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sammy said...

Your are doing a great job!

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Hippygal said...

Not sure if you know I still have a blog.... http://chiclivingwithcrps.blogspot.com/ and will be updating pics of Chico on there :-)

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