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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank God today is nearly over !

Well what a week, it has been a shocker.  Last night saw me go up to the medical centre regarding this blasted headache, I was told it was a tension headache and to get a massage and take drugs.  This is not my normal doctor and asked me if I wanted to take some time off work.  I said, No - he looked like I had 4 heads.  When I am very ill and need those sicks days that is when I will take it. Of course the headache is painful and I am not enjoying it but golly gee I don't think I need to take time off.  He told me my blood pressure was up, it is normally quite normal.  Had it tested again tonight and it is high again - 157 over 97.  So have an appointment on Saturday to see my normal GP - I am not impressed.  There is a family history of stroke etc - so I need to be careful.  Consquently I have just eaten 2 chocolate eclairs for dinner.

I have gone to bed early, Vince the wonderdog obviously not in the mood to share the bed with his mother and is sleeping in the lounge room.  He will come crawling back to the "big bed" with his mum when he wants a cuddle.

I need to wake up early tomorrow,  make a healthy breakfast and lunch and focus on undoing the damage of the last two days eating.  It is a long weekend this weekend and other than catching up with the WW girls from all over the place for dinner on Sunday, I am trying to have a quiet one and perhaps watch the AFL footy grand final.

I have found it so nice to have the online community for support.  So please make a comment, even if it is just to say hi.

I plan to focus tomorrow on just getting through the day with my eating in place.  Not much else happening really, I feel slightly irritated with the world and of course I am feeling a bit feral, so going to have an early night and hopefully I will wake feeling slightly better.  Anyway, I have nothing very much to say really.  Sweet dreams.   Martine xx


Penny said...

Hi Martine,

Sorry about how crap your day was yesterday. Are things improving? Some doctors don't seem to get that taking time off doesn't always fix the problem: it can make it worse to come back to the pile of work that has built up!

I hope your weekend helps you find some sanity and wellness space.

Love Penny xo

Chris H said...

I hope you had a good weekend and your freakin headache is gone!
Our last little puppy is not happy on his own, and told us all about it at 2am this morning! And right now... he's howling the house down!

maryh said...

Merry Xmas to you & Vince the WD Happy healthy & peaceful 2012
Mary H

Chris H said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR chick, may this new year bring you happiness and health. Teddy is waving at you today on me blog.

Penny said...

Martine, sweet pea, I am in Adelaide right now and if you want to catch up, I am reachable on email or on the phone number 04 5261 2364.

Hope to see you.

Love Penny xo

Chris H said...

You given up blogging then?