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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Well it has been a while !!!

Hi everyone !!1
It has been far far too long.  So much has happened since my last blog which was over 12 months ago.  I am back in it. I am hoping over the next week to outline all what has been happening.
Seriously where has the year gone.    I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas and next year sees me turn 50, which I plan to embrace and celebrate, as simply wallowing in an age is not going to help me.
Vince the wonderdog is still the single most love of my life, as pictured above and not impressed that I am wrapping Christmas presents while he is trying to rest on the bed.  This little guy is about to turn 10 years of age.  Where did that time go.   As like previous years, we are driving to Broken Hill for Christmas and it is a 6.5 hour trip with a dog that doesnt like the car !   Should be fun.
Today has seen me have my nails done and hair done (an expensive exercise) and I am now home trying to work out what to have for dinner - initally a Zucchini slice but I dont know if I can be bothered.
Anyway, i am trying to aquaint myself with how to save a post in draft before I publish it and how to go back to it.   Anyway, plan to do a long post tomorrow re weight and work.
Please feel free to post a comment.  I must admit I do miss putting my thoughts down.   Love Martine xx

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