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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, always a great day

I love Sunday mornings when you wake up and make a yummy breakfast, read the paper and have a few coffees before the day really begins.   Today the plan was to make some diet lemonade pancakes but that didnt seem to happen, so just toast with peanut butter and yoghurt and a couple of coffees using my beloved Nespresso machine.  I
Well work is one of my topics for today,  My now old boss recently on 5/9/13 joined a larger firm as a consultant, I joined her as well.  It was a big change and although a bit hesitant about joining a firm with a lot of women it turned out the staff were absolutely beautiful. As the work I was doing was quite different in some ways from what i was doing before and no client contact, I really missed my old job. Luckily, I was approached by another lawyer who we shared office space with recently to join him and his junior solicitor as their office manager.   These people I worked with (although not employed by) for a while - so I took the job and start tomorrow.   As a consequence of leaving what I loved and the client contact I enjoy, I didnt really cope with the larger firm and consequently suffered anxiety and depression..   What is interesting was the thing I was worried about most when we merged was working with large numbers of women was the thing I enjoyed the most.  Although they were younger by a lot, I feel in love with them all and a lesson was learnt by me that me as a person was good enough, even for the young and hip !
So tomorrow is Day 1 of the new job, although it feels somewhat weird as I know these people but not in the role of employer.  There are some things which I am a bit nervous about but overall I know the decision is right for me.  The move to a larger firm I knew wasnt for me when I went with my old boss but we are dictated by the need for a wage coming in.
So today is about getting my stuff together for work tomorrow.   Plan to finish the housework and have a nanna nap with Vince the wonderdog who yesterday scared the absolute crap out of me.  I came home from the nail and hair appointed and he was quite off, his head was drooping forward, he looked sad, was crying somewhat (couldnt see he was in pain anywhere) and turned down a treat.  So got him out the house and walked him outside my unit and across the court yard to my neighbour Marion who was outside gardening, she agreed he was a bit off.  As this dog is somewhat of a child, I panic but after an hour he was okay again - so god knows what it was about.  Sometimes I wish he would talk, other times I don't think I really want to know what he is thinking,.
At present I am mentally good, my "happy pills" (anti-depressants) keep me calm, saying that the recent bout of anxiety and depression was bad but would have been a thousand times worse if I wasnt on them.  At times it does my head in that I need to take them but have resigned myself to the fact they keep me balanced and happy.
I am up early as I havent really slept well, my insomnia is still around and drives me mental but I try to just not let it worry me and with a healthy diet it helps.

For some reason the day has flown by, at present at 9.49pm I am washing and about to work out my food for tomorrow and my calories - that is my topic for tomorrow or Tuesday.

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow and the new job.   Vince the wonderdog is asleep on the bed, I have woken him up for a cuddle and he isnt impressed - so glad he cant speak.

Hope you all are having a great day.  Love Martine x x

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Chris H said...

I hope your first day has gone well Chick.Our Teddy is not well right now... his allergies have flared up. I thought it was the food I'd given him... but now I think NOT. His skin is bright pink and that only happens when he's having a bad reaction to something... and it happens at this time of year every year... so *sigh*.. on goes the cone for 2 months! Poor bugger.

I hope Vince is himself again.

I'm on 'happy pills' too. Thank god for them is all I can say.