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Monday, November 19, 2012

The new job started today

Well Monday again, the weekend has gone far too quickly for my liking.   Today saw me start my  new job, it went quite well and I know I have made the right decision.  It is one of those things, I just knew today it was right for me and I feel quite calm about it all.
My new boss is a hoot, so that has been great - long may it happen.
Food has been brilliant, tracked every day and feel better for it.   I have been counting calories and going to my weight loss coach who happens to be an ex-Weight Watchers leader. I go with some girls that I used to go to WW with.  We concentrate on the food, what is right and how much etc.  I have looked at sodium levels and the right combination of fruit, vegies, protein, dairy and carbs.   So tomorrow I go to weigh and hopefully a loss - well I should say I know it will be a loss.
Usually when I get home Vince the wonderdog hears me drive in the drive way and waits at the front door, not today - he was deep asleep so he was sleepy when I woke him.   He is a time waster - 30 minutes of cuddles later.
All good with me mentally, I think at present I have come out of the depression with a new focus and more importantly I have faced up to what has caused it.  I even disagreed with a family member today which is unheard of.
Tomorrow in Adelaide is going to be 38 degrees, so will have to try and dig out something to wear - god knows what.
It is funny, I have missed blogging and how it is a chance to offload somewhat.   It is funny, some of my best buddies I have meet on line and others online that I havent meet I feel like I know - like the lovely and adorable Chris from NZ - (aka dietcoke rocks).   Her blog has helped me each morning to face the day, of course dozens of photos of puppies and Coco and my boy Teddy the doggies help.
So on we go, Monday is out the way, Tuesday is fast approaching and I am happy and in a good mood.   About to finish the ironing, it never ends and there is just me.
I am hoping during the week to start my walking again, exercise is not my greatest love but it is one of those things that once you get started, it is okay. 
Hope your day has been happy, mine has started out great, I am pleased I have moved jobs and pleased that my heart and mind have told me it is right..   I was and am blessed to have such support of lovely friends, a true blessing.     Love Martine x

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back & congrats on new job I enjoy your blog & style of writng. Long may it continue & merry xmas to you and VinceTWD
Mary H