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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I am on fire !

Well things seem to be going well with me in relation to all things weight loss.  Exercise has to happen, but at least I am eating right and tracking - that is something.  I do know what works for me, it is simply a matter of doing it.
This week was my first week back to work after annual leave, it was exceptionally busy -far too busy but saying that I do enjoy it, my boss does have a sense of humour.  He recently brought a bike, I told him no one was allowed to come into the office with lycra - you see in Adelaide we have the Santos Tour Down Under Bike race, it seems middle aged men like wearing Lycra, even if they look shocking.  At least my boss is tiny so not too bad.  So got some photos sent to my on my mobile, the cheeky bugger.
Mum and Dad are down, so it has been pretty quiet.   Got home lat night from work quite late, around 7 pm and I didnt feel like eating, Mum did and wanted to go to Fasta Pasta.  I made a choice of some minestrone soup and bread, it was amazing to think that it was too salty for me now.  I have been monitoring my sodium levels, it seems that certain foods are too salty for me.
Today's food has been spot on, I do have another 400 calories to eat, so will try and have something for supper.   It simply does my head in to think that eating too little is as bad as eating too much,but it is.
Had my nails done today, a nice shade of lavender.   I have a couple of favourite bags which have had to be repaired, so they went to my friendly Bag Repair Store - an absolutely roaring business.   I do have to wait a month, but saying that, it will be good as I love them and unable to use them.   Came home for breakfast instead of my normal eating out on Saturday morning and stayed home for lunch, so other than a quick trip to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner, didnt spend a cent.
Cooked my famous Tomato and Bacon Risotto.  The recipe has to be at least 15 years old and from an old WW recipe site, it is my Dad's favorite an always cook it for him when he is down.  As I use a tad too much bacon in it, I had a 1/2 serve - so was pretty chuffed with myself.  Having a glass of wine at present - so civilised.
Tomorrow I am heading over to West Lakes to meet Tina L and Sandy - my fellow weight loss buddies, so that will be nice and them home to do some housework and get ready for work on Monday.   At least I am making progress with the work, so hopefully by the end of Monday I am a bit more up to date.
I need to exercise, something that I struggle with as it is so boring.  I must and have to do it.
Overall, I am in a reasonably good spot -so pleased with that.  When my food intake is good, it seems my mental health is better - says it all really.
Anyway my darlings, hope you are in a good spot.  Vince the wonderdog is asleep, he is about to be woken up and given cuddles.   Love Martine xx


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Penny said...

Hi Martine, just discovered you are back online again! Good to catch up on all your news. I don't know if you've been following mine (and I am bad at updating!) but we are now living in Melbourne. Would love to see you when we get to Adelaide in a few weeks. Hope your February is going well. Penny xo

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