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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back into it

Well it is 10am at night and Mum and Dad (who are down from Broken Hill) are asleep.  I have tracked my food for tomorrow, made my breakfast, lunch and Snacks plus checked over my tracker (via My Fitnes Pal) for the food I have eaten today.   So far so good.   Water needs just to be improved slightly and then the dreaded exercise.
Went on Tuesday night for a weigh in, as I do every Tuesday with my weight loss coach, and secured a 500 gram loss.  What had happened is that WLC (weight loss coach) checks my tracker remotely and as we suspect I have PCOS it is imperative that I cut back on the sugar, I had put in an entry of a skim capuccino, but must have entered a flavoured one as she made a comment about the level of sugar in it.   I was a bit miffed but saying that, what I learnt in 2012 was to address it.   Obviously the entry was in error, so I felt good and I thought she was saying to avoid lattes etc, that wasnt the case.   So this week I have found myself being back on track and feel much better for it.   For example, I had an apple today and so enjoyed it, I thought why cant I just feel like an apple rather than a vanilla slice - I suppose that is one of life's mysteries. My Tuesday night gang of girls support each other and email each other during the day, it is so lovely.  We are all determined to shed this weight once and for all.
Work is busy and everyone is really a bit stressed but I am making inroads with the work and hope in a few weeks that it wont be so hard to manage.
Not much else happening really,last night went up to my brother's place for dinner, we had pasta and just sat around the table and chatted -so lovely.  Luckily I had enough calories up my sleeve to eat the meal and not feel guilty.
Came home and got mum a glass of wine, I love a nice wine but saying that I can say no - I did that today as really want to be able to sit down tomorrow night and enjoy it. 
Dad wants me to make a Risotto tomorrow night - with salami !   So wont be having that, will make it for them or have a 1/3 of a serve - I wont to be able to prove to myself that I dont need a great big bloody bowl of rice.  
The success with weight loss is organisation, I really think if you plan your meals, make up your snacks etc and track it seems so much easier.
The weekend I am hoping for a quiet one, not sure when the folks are going back but plan to sort through some stuff and might head off to a movie.  
Anyway, better go to bed.   It is interesting, when my food intake is better - the sleeping which is always dismal is not so chronically dismal.   Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good run of work done, coffee with the lovely Lyn tomorrow (my weight loss buddy) and so that will be nice.
This morning was my Thursday morning coffee with Katie.  This is what life is about.
Be good and good night.   Martine xx

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