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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to work tomorrow !

Well today is the last day of holidays, I go back to work tomorrow, so that is annoying.  I love my job but saying that I know there is a great deal of work.   The positives is that I get to go back into a routine again.
The weather in Adelaide has been horrendous, Mum had a fainting episode at Broken Hill where the temperature for the next week or so doesnt drop below 40.   It was 47 the other day.   It reminded me that I must keep my fluids up and drink water.
Feel a bit annoyed really,  no particular reason.   M is recovering from his illness, I think he now has cold feet about going away.   Seriously, the universe is telling me something. I am going to push him to go away as I want to experience it, I suspect I will tell him he can't have his cake and eat it as well. I simply do not understand men at all.
The food front has not been too bad, with this heat it is hard to eat really, tracking is dismal- so really need to get into that asap.  I think once I am back at work that it will be a lot easier to keep on top of things.  I really need to start exercising -it is so good for the mind,but I hate it with a passion.
Will try and find a balance with work, I could work an extra 2-3 hours a day and still be behind, I am willing to work a bit extra but then everything else suffers.  Ideally if I go into work earlier  it will be easier to leave on time. 
Not much to report really, I do believe a week of good eating will find my energy levels improve.
The washing machine has decided to have a hissy fit, it is not spinning.   Trying to get people to come and repair it around work hours is impossible, saying that my boss is good in this department.
Well tomorrow I am getting up to drop my brother to the Airport, his flight goes at 6.15am, so I anticipate starting work at that time - I can go in and get my accounting jobs done and do it whilst I am concentrating without those damn phones ringing.
Anyway, must get into the ironing - such an exciting life I lead.

Martine x


Chris H said...

Bloody hell it's hot where you are!
I hate exercise with a PASSION now too... I can't believe I used to love it so much!
This year I am going to do better than the past few.
I have to!
I am killing myself with food.

Stupid but true.

I hope you can do as well as me... look on that as a challenge girl!

Good luck with the man... sounds like he might be a loser though?

Tania said...

Hope your first day back at work wasn't too hard! I hear what you're saying about the routine - I know by next week I'll be looking for my normal routine again too. What do you mean about cold feet? Is he hesitant about rebooking the trip for Easter? I hope your mum is ok. You can do this mate, I know you can!