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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seriously, it is far too hot

Well in Adelaide it has been around 39 degrees, absolutely boiling.    Us
Voluptuous women  dont cope too well with the heat.  Went to my weight loss coach, disgusting - 3..5 kg gain - not good.  I told her that I felt sluggish all day, so we sat down, decided today was Week 1 and get back to basics.   The weight needs to come off - it just needs to happen and I need to focus on this like my life depends on it - which it kinda does.   I seriously feel like a whale.  So got up this morning and looked at my extensive notes I had written and got into it.   Although undiagnosed, I do believe because of various things that I may have PCOS, so we are going to tailor my eating around this (usually people with PCOS eat low GI foods mainly).  Anyway, I need to really focus on what I am doing.
I have been good today, my energy levels are shocking and saying that it is a direct result of the food that goes into my mouth.   She wants me to walk 2 times a week, use a fit ball (need to go to Kmart as they have a ball and dvd package) and then go back to my gym and do 2 minutes on the rower as a warm up (apparently people with PCOS have a lot of testosterone, so resistance work using body weight is ideal) then my bike, cross trainer and treadmill.   I wont like it, but once I get back into it, I should be right.   Work is going to be busy, so I have to either exercise in the morning so I can work back or exercise at night so I can go in early.  My boss is good, so plan to say to him - look I have a huge amount of work, I am happy to do extra but you need to know this for future etc.    It is a two way street.
Sorting out cupboards at present, hate it but once it is done, it does feel good.  
Last night at my weight loss coach (who happens to be a close friend and I usually stay for dinner often) we talked about 2012.   2012 saw me cope with my emotional eating, learnt more about nutrition and worked out what works for me with weight loss - my tracking via My Fitness Pal and looking at my nutritional levels of protein, carbs, sugar, sodium etc works.   I suppose if I want results, then I need to put the effort in.
Quite frankly, I am fed up - sick to death of running around after everyone, so Friday, Sat and Sunday plan to stay at home, relax and do some jobs in the vain hope that when I start work on Monday it isnt as bad as I think it might be.
The year is underway, I am hoping that the key word for me is consistency - consistency in my tracking, weight loss, consistency in the hours I work, consistency in how I am treated by others. 
Dinner is in the oven, although hot just doing roast vegies (baked) and chicken breast.  Brought a new dinner set, so will unpack that and eat from it.  
M is still ill, had the gall to ask me if I could get time off in a few weeks -NO I CANT. 
Well, must dash, Vince the wonderdog is barking -god knows what.  He doesnt bark often but he doesnt realise he is short with stubby legs, he thinks he is as big as a golden retriever.   Hope all is well with everyone in cyber world.  

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