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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An update on Christmas and those damn scales

I havent had 2 seconds to blog for a while so here it goes. The last time I weighed in was just before Christmas - 22nd December 2008. I was distressed to have a gain of 3o0 grams on my weigh in on the Monday night - thought I would have lost a kilo....who knows why!. Anyway the 23rd December 2008 I had my work Christmas show. Pleased to say it was chilled seafood - yummy prawns, oysters, lobster and octopus - not fried but fresh and not a chip in sight. Had a few wines and and coffee afterwards. 24th to 29th December 2008 was in Broken Hill. Mum did a fantastic lunch and I turned down Cheesecake. Overall despite her hurtful comments regarding my weight, which reinforces why she will never know I am doing WW - she will say AGAIN. I was reasonably good ...actually every good. I had New Years Eve had with a close friend and manipulated my favourite Rogan Josh recipe - I do it from scratch and omitted the ghee and was pleased to find it was just as nice and now CORE approved and easily fitted into my WW menus. I had my family down unexpectedly from 29/12/08 till yesterday -so my routine was out the window with NO EXERCISE. I had such high hopes of really getting into the swing of the WW program but I suppose on the positive is that even though I was stressed to the max - with a lot of people in all unit I didnt binge my way through the emotional issues of it all - although I just wanted 5 minutes to myself and my lovely routine. My family have now gone back and today I am back into it all with such enthusiasm. I have been on and off my home scales as I am slightly ...well hugely worried about my weigh in on Wednesday night - I am hoping for a loss but with no exercise I am not sure but overall I know my eating has been a huge improvement on years gone by I still expect a gain as it is just finishing my period and this is always a week where I would gain. Funny though, not the week before the period. Anyway I think once I weigh in on Wednesday 7th January 2009 I really going to go with gun's blazing so to speak and embrace all things WW. I am lucky though my head is in a good frame of mind and I am sure that overall the following week will be a bigger weight loss. Now the scales. I had this chat with my friend Tania. She has just rejoined and has put her scales away. Probably a good idea. I normally find them an inspiration. If they record a loss it inspires me to be even better to record a bigger weight loss and if they are recording a gain reinforces my need to be even stricter. My scales are recording large fluctations which I am not sure are because I have gained or the scales are in need of being replaced. Anyway I think what I need is just to have a few quiet weeks and just get back into my routine. and need to divorce myself from my home scales. Exercise needs to be tackled so going to do a few walks with Vince the best dog in the entire world and universe and just build up. I have an MP3 player given to me by my mother so will record my favourite songs and see if that is going to be of help. Exercise just doesnt fill me with joy but I know that the WW online community have alot of people that have been like me and now are running. Running is my ultimate goal and has been for about 25 years. The idea of running and all that freedom somehow has been a goal. Anyway I will report in tomorrow. I am going to the Central Market at lunchtime for some Ling fish and am making some fish patties from the WW recipe site. I love cooking and am planning to try 1 new recipe per fortnight which is my pay period. I feel inspired but nervous at the same time. I am 200% positive I will have another gain but will see how I go. I am not setting any New Years Resolutions as anything slightly to do with exercise and weight loss is a lifetime thing and I dont believe I should be resoluting this....it should just fall into place.


Tania said...

LOL @ your friend Tania putting her scales away - sadly she hasn't done that YET! I could blame Michael because he forgot but then I encouraged him to just let me watch the numbers drop for another week - probably a mistake seeing as they're not dropping as fast as i thought they would.

So glad you can get back into your routine now that Grant, Nick and co have gone home! Looking forward to seeing your result tomorrow night too. Hang in there mate, we'll do this together this year, just you wait and see.

Was great to catch up with you last Friday.

Nicky said...

Yay Im glad you posted, Ive been wondering how you were doing.

It sounds like you are in the right frame of mind and I will keep my fingers crossed that you get a great result on the scales.

Nicky xx