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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Down but not out

Well I went to the WW in the city, all excited about getting on the scales as I was expecting a big loss. Was I wrong or what. Gained 600 grams and was devastated. I am going to take my tracker to my next meeting for them to look at. I discussed food with Tania last night and going to increase my carbohydrate intake and increase my food a bit. I do think it still gets down to the fact I may not be eating enough. Anyway, I was upset but realise this is a journey and there will be ups and downs. I am absolutely determined to have the maximum loss I can. I can only do what I can do but I am sure that this week I can get a big loss. Anyway, what is done is done and I must move on. I expect 1.1 at least next week. It can be done. I am determined to run my own race and try not to compare myself to others. These things happen unfortunately as I thought I was really good actually. Oh well.


Tania said...

Remember what I said in my text message today mate! Better things are coming your way next week i'm sure of it! If it's bothering you and you need to talk you know where I am - feel free to give me a call anytime.

Tina said...

Martine I am so sorry you had a gain. But I love your attitude. Nothing you can do about it. If you know in your heart you have done all the right things you will have a big loss next week.

* said...

Oh Im sorry you had an unexpected gain this week. Unfortunately we cant tell our bodies how much to lose week by week. You know you did the right things and eventually your body will catch up.
Keep going strong and you will get there.

Nicky xx

Daria said...

Having a positve attitude when you don't have a loss, is always more important than being positive whe you do. It's important to understand that this is a tiny setback, and always remember your weight loss as a whole. Always remind yourself of the pounds you've lost, that never came back.

Joannes Journey said...

hi love your blog, I go to ww also am struggling and it is good to read others are also it encourages me to keep going and hope we can stay in touch and encourage each other have a wonerful weekend love Joanne xxx:)