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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Loss and some pictures of my best buddies

Here is a photo of my best mates. Joanne my absolute best friend who is always there for me, my lovely friend Kath who always gives me a compliment every time I see her and Ron who is Jo's husband and like another girlfriend- I am blessed to have these three people in my life. For them the weight is never an issue and always support me. As my family are interstate these gorgeous people and I went out. I know we all have friends like these in our lives. Jo and Kath are just such outstanding people and I am just so blessed that they are there for me 200%.
Good news on the weight loss front. As Don my leader has banned all scales from my house and not a bad thing I must say I have to rely on what food I eat, my water intake and how much exercise I have done and go by my tracker. This week has been so so and althought I have been reasonable there is always room for improvement. I have been slack with the fruit and that is my goal for this week is to eat 2 fruit a day. Water is now okay and so I manage about 1.5 to 2 litres a day. Exercise - note to self.........need for improvement.
I had felt flat this week and had some changes at work which are probably a good thing but until they happen and I am taking on a new solicitor in conjunction with my boss it is always the anticipation that causes me grief and as money was tight I felt just a little off and spent a few nights at home in bed, I do think I picked up a bit of a virus though. Anyway, tracked even when I was bad and low and behold a 1.1 loss which I am happy about. I ADORE weighing in on a Friday night as it does keep me really good on the weekend. There is something therapeutic about weighing in. It means for me the end of the week and with a loss a reward for that effort and if it is a gain it just means the start of a new week.
My Leader last week said just aim for 100 grams this week and that is what I did and it does help. We chatted about a few comments I had about perhaps being too hard on myself and comparing myself to others. My view is and will remain is that successful weight loss ladies (and men) who lose remarkable amounts are people that I can learn from . My view is that if I stick to the program I will eventually get to my WW goal of 71 kgs, fluffing around and straying isnt going to get me there. I suppose after all everyone is different, I do put pressure on myself but I like that, when I have have had a good week it is worth it. Of course this is all a learning curve and as I discussed with Don my leader WW really is user friendly and I am able to eat out or entertain easily and within my points.
I can feel a few tops getting looser and have a Postie top that I have never liked because of how it feels, I think it is a just a bit firm so I have taken every now and again to trying it on and seeing the difference as a lot of my clothes have previously been brought larger than I have needed. I know have to learn to buy my clothes a bit firm so that I can gauge when I am at goal how I am going without the scales.
So this week is another week and I am focused on what I need to do to keep the momentum going. My goals this week is to walk 3 times this week and eat 2 pieces of fruit each day. This is achieveable.

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Tania said...

What a lovely photo mate! Congrats on the loss this week too, you will get to that 71kgs, each loss is chipping away a bit more of it, am very proud of you.