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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am home on Saturday cleaning the kitchen !

The title says it all, here I am at home on a Saturday night, drinking a bottle of water, having eaten a pita bread pizza I made and cleaning the kitchen - how bloody exciting ! Well, the good news is even doing this I am not feeling too bad, I am reminding myself this is the start of a new phase of my life. You know when things are bad, you know who in your life counts. The absolutely joy of girlfriends is something I just treasure, they have come to the party, supporting me, listened to me and given advice. Today was busier than expected, didnt get the gym at 7am, couldn't sleep last night so was awake till the early hours, so slept in. Went to the library for a supply of books to read, up to Marion Shopping Centre for a pair of jeans - luckily found a pair at My Size and a straight leg cut which now suits more than the bootleg (maybe it is the 6 cm of each leg lost that does it !) Brought some hair gadgets (clips etc) and home for a sleep and then got my groceries, which I just cringe about how expensive everything is. Mum rang tonight, finally we have been able to chat about the Michael thing, at times she can be downright tactless but when the chips are down she is a superstar and so I told her the whole sorry saga and then got a little email saying she enjoyed our talk. Tomorrow have a lunch at the Robin Hood Hotel with Joey, so that will be nice to get out. Then home to make a couscous, lemon and chicken salad for work, hopefully the WW recipe is delicious and will post it on the website tomorrow night. Not a lot to say, it looks like the gym is not going to happen tomorrow but in reality I am doing well in that department. I have been told to put myself first, and plan to do that. I haven't turned to food and that is just great and an achievement in itself. May just get out a bathbomb and have a nice relaxing bath and listen to a CD or two. Martine xx

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Hi Martine

Glad you are working through this