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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank god I have tomorrow off

Well, tomorrow I am not at work as I have to madly run around and get a list of jobs done, tomorrow is my RDO - THANK GOD. Mum's 70th birthday celebrations are getting organised, I am halfway through my speech and once I get Dad's present for Mum or more to the point come up with a scathingly good present i should be feeling more settled. Have not got a WW meeting this week, which just bloody annoys me, so going to my normal one on Saturday - there will be a gain and with my period due it will be a double whammy but what is important is that I am desperate to go and get on those scales. Since my start at this meeting I haven't gained, so this is a first gain but I find the occasional gain is good, in that is makes you think. I must admit that everything will fall into place a little better once I am weighed. I am meeting a guy at the gym tomorrow at 7am for a re-working of my weights program, he is a little young but I will go with an open mind, next time I need my weights program reviewed, I may go for someone a little more experienced but certainly the weights program needs to be implemented. I woke up this morning with the world's best dog asleep near me with his paw on my arm, he brings such joy to my life and so he is going to the groomers on Saturday (he won't be impressed) and they will make him even more handsome than he already is. Anyway, not a lot to tell really - I am looking forward to Saturday when I get to weigh in, will have the new weights program and will track. I read a blog today of a lady in the USA (bitchcakes) and she got to goal, this woman is a unique woman and apparently when she got on those scales she cried when her goal weight arrived. Hers is a story of patience and persistence, she certainly didnt average 500 grams per week, but what is important is that she persevered. I suppose like her as she appreciates the road she has undergone, I suppose I am the same. Ideally I would like to be at goal weight in the next few years but as long as the scales are relatively kind and I am tracking, exercising and counting my points then I am happy with that. I suppose my theory is that, at least I am doing something. At least I am at the gym when I have had little or no sleep, I have drunk my water and attempted to eat my food and cut out the sugar. I know a lot of people that do no exercise. Overall, I am in a little spot where I want to hibinate a bit, this mainly is due to Winter but what is good is that it will allow me to spend some time getting back into my routine with food and the gym - now my foot is back to normal, although it is still giving me a bit of grief, I have to save for some orthotics - at present there are too many other bills to pay. Hope everyone is doing well, just try to be kind to yourself, don't put yourself under too much pressure. Martine xx

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Tania said...

The best thing about weighing in to a gain is that the line is drawn in the sand and it's a new beginning - hope the result was what you expected. When is your mum's 70th?