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Monday, July 26, 2010


Well since my last update, my parents have arrived back from their visit to Darwin and went home on Saturday. They wanted to spend Saturday morning with me, so consequently I didn’t get to WW which annoys me. I am yet to address my parents re the weight thing and WW and it something I need to do, so I haven’t been for a few weeks.

I haven’t been good, I confess to that, but what is good is that I am anxious to get back to my WW meetings and focus on what I need to do. I am planning to search the internet tonight to try and find a meeting I can weigh in, my period is due as well so it is a double whammy, but saying that I find the weigh in process great, either you have gained and it is a reminder to pull your head in, or it is a loss and it reminds you that you are doing the right thing.

The foot has healed, so that is bonus and the tenderness has gone, so I am pleased to say that I have been given the all clear to go back to the gym. Yes she cried ! Everything falls into place when I go to the gym.

I feel a bit out of routine, I don’t like that and am search at present for some cheap meals I can make this pay, there are just some weeks where there are more bills than what I get paid. The joy of it all.

Mentally I am doing fine, I know I have been eating wrong, i will cop it on the chin and it gets down to the sugar. Once you get a taste for it, the sugar takes hold, I am planning some high protein meals and that usually curbs those feelings pretty quickly as well as green tea. Now with the green tea I am not sure why but it works. So I am going to try and find a meeting tonight, face the music and then on Saturday work on getting a loss.

Luckily Tania and Tina are going to WW, so it is helpful we are doing it together. I need to speak to those girls about a challenge.

Masterchef is over for another year, in a way it is good because now I might be able to get some jobs done at home, that show is far too addictive, although I think it is great as it encourages cooking in the home. I must admit that cooking is my relaxing spot, a place where I am at peace and nothing gives me more pleasure in.

So there you are, overall the weekend was quite and sometimes you need a bit of quite time. Will report in on the gain tomorrow.


Penny said...

Hi Martine,

Good to see your life is on the move towards settling down a bit. I know what you mean about cooking, I find it very therapeutic when I am depressed and can't find energy for anything else. Of course, the utility of it depends what you are making! We don't eat a lot of baking at home so if I need to do some I take it to work for others to eat, or get my partner to take it to work (except he has just resigned from his job).

Anyway, good luck with the foot and the gym and weigh-in!

take care, Penny

Chris H said...

Enjoy the gym, and who knows, you might record a loss!