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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 5 to 6 - the joys of midnight eating

Hi everyone. Well where did that weekend go?. All going reasonably well with eating, having a few dramas with eating after midnight when I can't sleep, but any food I eat is pointed and tracked and I am working on it. I must remember to clean my teeth when I am hungry, believe it or not it helps. Sunday had to head to West Lakes to replace a bowl, as I broke my beautiful green bowl that my best friend brought me for my recent birthday. I cried for hours and rung her to confess. Why I am so sad and distressed was she was the only person that put any thought into my present and if it wasn't for her, the birthday would have been worse than it already was. That is why friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Got the bowl, stopped for a coffee - again with out sugar - YAY FOR ME. Saturday arvo and Sunday was spent cleaning, washing and sorting stuff out. I am not sure how I am going to go at weigh in tomorrow night - you never know. Tonight back at the gym for a cardio workout, tomorrow is WW so will miss that and if I get some energy the Zumba class and weights on Wednesday night. Overall, things not going too badly. Made an Italian Chicken recipe in the slow cooker, as I am at the gym after work, as it will be cooking for too long. So what I have done is set it to cook overnight and in the morning I just have to cool it down and put in the fridge/freezer. Will do the same tonight with this Moroccan Casserole which I will put in the freezer with the Italian Chicken and then reheat on the nights where I am rushed. Feeling a bit flat today, but then again it is Monday. Have a good week, I will report in tomorrow evening. Hopefully with a loss.


Tabby said...

oooh, let me know how the slow cooker recipes taste and maybe share the recipe??? I have a slow cooker and never use it with the excuse that Paul doesn't eat meat, so it is wasted on just vego stuff. I know, add one more excuse to the list. :)
Well done M.

Deb said...

I do the teeth cleaning trick too. It really does work. Another thing is that I'll often take a bite of something, chew it for a moment then spit it into the rubbish bin. So, I tasted it, but didn't eat the calories. It's weird, but it works.

Don't think it...Do it! said...

I also clean my teeth...at night I do after dinner...stops the temptation for dessert! In saying that, I had dessert tonight, but I didn't brush my teeth...DOH! It was a light icecream, 2 small scoops and a nice amount of fruit salad. So all good! I like your comment: friends are the family we choose ourselves. That family just don't let you down! :)